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About the audit

The Farm to Plate Peri-Urban Planning Scheme Audit (the project) examines the potential for land-use planning regulation to support peri-urban agriculture and its contribution to a sustainable local food system. The project established benchmarking principles against which to audit the content of Victorian peri-urban planning schemes as they relate to agriculture and agribusiness. 

Part 1 of the report builds an evidence base for the benchmarking principles through a literature review, a review of Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) decisions, and the compilation of farming and agribusiness case studies. 

Part 2 of the report explains the system under which planning decisions are made about agriculture-related uses in peri-urban areas and summarises the results of the Peri-Urban Planning Scheme Audit. 

Appendix 1 lists the benchmarking principles, adapted from successful local and international governance models and used to audit Victorian peri-urban planning schemes. 

Appendix 2 provides more detail about the farmer and agribusiness case studies used in Part 1 of the report.

Appendix 3 lists the Victoria Planning Provisions that are relevant to planning decisions about agriculture in rural zones.

Audit results in detail 

Victorian state and regional planning policy and zones, as well as twenty-six peri-urban planning schemes in Victoria, were audited against benchmarking principles adapted from successful local and international governance models that support local sustainable food systems. 

A matrix has been generated for each one with accompanying notes and recommendations (where relevant). The twenty-seven matrices form Appendix 4 of the report.




All Matrices
Matrix 1: State and Regional PPF/Rural Zones
Matrix 2: Shire of Bass Coast
Matrix 3: Shire of Baw Baw
Matrix 4: City of Brimbank
Matrix 5: Shire of Cardinia
Matrix 6: City of Casey
Matrix 7: City of Frankston
Matrix 8: Shire of Golden Plains
Matrix 9: City of Greater Dandenong
Matrix 10: City of Greater Geelong
Matrix 11: Shire of Hepburn
Matrix 12: City of Hume
Matrix 13: City of Kingston
Matrix 14: City of Knox
Matrix 15: Shire of Macedon
Matrix 16: City of Manningham
Matrix 17: City of Maroondah
Matrix 18: City of Melton
Matrix 19: Shire of Mitchell
Matrix 20: Shire of Moorabool
Matrix 21: Shire of Mornington Peninsula
Matrix 22: Shire of Murrindindi
Matrix 23: Shire of Nillumbik
Matrix 24: Shire of Surf Coast
Matrix 25: City of Whittlesea
Matrix 26: City of Wyndham
Matrix 27: City of Yarra Ranges

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Grateful thanks to the following peer reviewers whose comments and suggestions helped to improve and clarify this publication: Annemaree Docking, Dr Nick Rose, Paula McLeod, John McLeod, Associate Professor Andrew Butt and Emeritus Professor Michael Buxton.